Turkish Pide with Ground Beef  Grade: C-  Review:  This dish was very plain and the bread portion dry.  Too time consuming on the prep side for the end result, will not be repeating.

Turkish Pide with Ground Beef

Turkish Pide with Ground Beef. I've only made the ground beef part of this to date (I just use store bought pizza dough or rice instead of this dough bc I don't have the time to make dough from scratch) but the meat portion is amazing.

delicious mücver • Turkish courgette fritters recipe

2 medium zucchini grated 2 medium carrots finely grated 4 tbsp spring onions (white parts), finely chopped 4 tbsp dill finely chopped 4 tbsp.

Turkish-style Pizza - a very easy, light and delicious eggplant version of Lahmacun. A great kid-friendly snack. Simplicity tastes best!

Vegan Turkish Pizza (lahmacun)--eggplant, peppers, onion, parsley, and a good drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice

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