Вязание жгута крючком. More

вязание крючком

Серая кофточка со жгутами на талии спицами. Кофточка вязаная спицами | Вязание для всей семьи

ВЯЗАНИЕ🎋жаркое лето✂ Выкройки. Шитье. МК.🌺🌺🌺

Very cool way to get a waistline in a sweater. I also like the yarn, it looks like a quick knit and not too hot for summer. It's not an instant pattern, but seems easy enough to recreate


DIY Minnie Mouse Costume (yep, NO sew

No sew tulle skirt with heat transfer vinyl dots for a perfect easy Minnie Mouse costume.

Top with meander. The first incarnation: 5 finished works ! - Knit together online - Home Moms

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(+1) тема - Вязаные сумки – идеи | РУКОДЕЛИЕ


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