Вечерние посиделки

small flowers free pattern-- a couple rows of these, a row of leaves or green plants, row of bugs, and a row of butterflies - garden sampler for Jude?

Playita - Chart copia.jpg (Изображение JPEG, 1387 × 1600 пикселов)

Various Cross-Stitch Patterns. Some nice tiny cross-stitch sprites (which could be used for other things like melty-beads)

10 (333x335, 114Kb)

10 (333x335, 114Kb)

cross stitch buttons

ONE Large Cross Stitch Bicycle Button Badge


cross stitch chart(sweet roses) This would look lovely on a sachet. (without the blue ring) This is the actual cross stitch pattern that Sweet Violet uses on her sachet minus the violets.