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a salad with chicken, blueberries and lettuce on a plate next to a fork
Chicken Waldorf Salad | The Modern Proper
Say hello to salad season with the supreme crunch of kale, apples, celery, and chicken in our chicken Waldorf salad.
a white bowl filled with meat and grits on top of a gray table cloth
Sweetcorn polenta | Ottolenghi Recipes
Sweetcorn Polenta recipe | Ottolenghi Recipes
a white plate topped with asparagus next to a bowl filled with sauce and lemon wedges
Roasted Asparagus With Crispy Leeks and Capers Recipe
In this supremely springy recipe, thick asparagus stalks and thinly sliced leeks are glossed with olive oil and covered in salty capers Everything is roasted in the same pan and emerges tender and golden-edged Capers also make an appearance in the mustard sauce served alongside, which adds a tangy, mayonnaise-like richness
a bowl filled with soup and vegetables on top of a black table next to a spoon
Slow Cooker Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup Recipe
NYT Cooking: Making creamy soups in the slow cooker can be tricky because it’s not possible to simmer them with the top off and reduce the liquid. One easy way to thicken without reducing is to use a roux, a mix of flour and butter. Heat the roux in the microwave, then whisk it into the stock in the slow cooker before adding the other ingredients. (If you don’t have a microwave, simply melt the butter in a ...
a white bowl filled with spinach and mushrooms
Sheet-Pan Roasted Mushrooms and Spinach Recipe
NYT Cooking: If you love to cook but don’t always feel like cooking, this minimalist recipe is the recipe for you. Great with just about any protein — salmon, steak, chicken or even eggs, wrapped into an omelet — it comes together in under a half-hour, and develops loads of character from its time spent in the oven. While this versatile vegan side pairs well with protein, it’s also great over rice or noodles.
broccoli and cauliflower casserole in a cast iron skillet
Baked Gnocchi with Broccoli | The Modern Proper
Cheesy, gooey, hot and bubbly—this one-pan baked gnocchi with broccoli is 100% pure certified comfort food, and it’s ready in just about 20 minutes.
two black plates topped with food next to silverware and lemon wedges on a table
Cauliflower Piccata | Plant-Based Recipes
Cauliflower Piccata | Plant-Based Recipes
a plate filled with rice and vegetables on top of a wooden table next to a lime wedge
Roasted Mushroom Larb Recipe
NYT Cooking: Earthy mushrooms replace meat in this take on larb. A dish popular in the northern and northeastern regions of Thailand, larb is often a lively combination of cooked minced meat, fresh herbs and a punchy dressing. In this recipe, mushrooms are roasted until golden brown and crispy around the edges, and, once cooled, tossed with a mix of cilantro, mint, basil and aromatics, including sliced scal...
pasta with olives and sauce on a white plate
The Pasta Queen’s “Favorite Recipe of All Time” Is Mind-Blowingly Simple
I Tried the Pasta Queen's "Snappy Harlot" Recipe and Here's What I Thought | Kitchn
a white plate topped with polenta and mushrooms covered in gravy next to a fork
Mushroom Bourguignon Recipe
NYT Cooking: Meaty mushrooms simmered with pearl onions, wine and carrots make for a rich, wintry Bourguignon-style stew. The quality of the stock here makes a big difference, so if you’re not using homemade, buy a good brand. If you’re a meat eater, beef broth adds a familiar brawny character to this dish, but mushroom or vegetable broth work just well, especially because the whole dish is rounded out with...
a bowl filled with fried food on top of a table
Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi Recipe
a white bowl filled with food next to two bowls full of limes and cilantro
Asaro (Yam and Plantain Curry) Recipe
Yam and Plantain Curry With Crispy Shallots Recipe - NYT Cooking
roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts on a baking sheet
Roasted Cauliflower With Pancetta, Olives and Crisp Parmesan Recipe
NYT Cooking: Studded with salty olives, pancetta and Parmesan that gets golden and crisp at the edges, this is roasted cauliflower at its brightest and most full-flavored. You can serve the caramelized florets either as a vegetable-based main dish or a hearty side to roasted meats or fish, or big bowls of pasta. The recipe calls for using a package of finely diced pancetta that practically melts into the sa...