I don't know what that means, but it probably means AMAZING needle and beadwork. It reminds me of some of the pickup or leno lacework one can do in handweaving.

Pour votre examen représente un fil tiré incroyablement exquis couture…

Rare Linda Driskell Drawn Thread MINIATURE SAMPLER - Hardanger Embroidery Pattern Booklet-I have this about half done, looking forward to finishing

Drawn Thread Embroidery Japanese Stitch by JapanLovelyCrafts

Drawn Thread Embroidery Patterns - Japanese Craft Book - Hisako Nishisu - Hand Embroidery Designs - Easy Tutorial, How to Stitch -


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Sfilature - Scuola di ricamo Maria Pia Gaiart

Sfilature - Scuola di ricamo Maria Pia Gaiart