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Nathan AVAN

Nathan AVAN
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Simple underground root cellar made of a 5 gallon bucket and bale of hay or straw.

Sweet, Crunchy Winter Carrots - Create this mini root cellar to preserve your root vegetables. To make a nifty, mini root cellar right in the garden, simply bury a bucket and cover it with a straw bale. Keeps them fresh, sweet and crisp

The Great Morel - Morel Recipes Just picked 2lbs 10ozs of Morel's YUMMY!!!!

I made the "morel mushroom sauce" tonight over chicken-- so good! Next time will leave out the salt since we soak the mushrooms in salt water first.

There are many factors in deciding on a dairy goat breed for your small farm or operation- size, temperament, life span etc. But perhaps the most important factor for a dairy goat owner is milk production, and not just volume, fat content and protein are equally as important especially for those looking to create gourmet cheeses or soaps.

Homestead ~ Goats may not be as popular as beef or pork, but it is a big contributor to the agriculture production in the US. This shows the different types of production in different breeds of goats.