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Learning Shapes With Toy Cars

Learning Shapes With Toy Cars. Create your own shaped road tracks using black sandpaper. Teach your toddler or preschooler their shapes with a triangle, square, circle, rectangle, pentagon and octagon road track.

Felt ogee 3-D Christmas Ornament. No instructions, but looks fairly easy to figure out.

Decor crafts craft ideas easy crafts ideas idea home decor easy for the home crafty decor home ideas decorations.use a metal and make an outdoor ornament

@sym_dmr paylasim icin tesekkurler  #okuloncesi #anasinifi #anaokulu #sekiller #duvarsusleme

@sym_dmr paylasim icin tesekkurler #okuloncesi #anasinifi #anaokulu #sekiller #duvarsusleme

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Crear objetos cotidianos a través de formas geométricas ayuda a que los niños se acerquen más a ésta.

5 fun DiY for kids The weekend is coming (yay!) It’s time to fun family times. How about building a fort? Maybe you prefer make a memory game or create an instrument. Here are 5 fun DiY for kids made.

atividade-dia-da-arvore-figuras-geometricas-ideia-criativa.jpg (962×1165)

atividade-dia-da-arvore-figuras-geometricas-ideia-criativa.jpg (962×1165)

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