Nazım Pehlivan

Nazım Pehlivan

Nazım Pehlivan
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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, AMAZING tv show! Loved every season and episode. Turned it off the first time during the first motorhome scene then gave it a second reluctant try. Then I was hooked like meth.

Holds your phone neatly while it's charging. Slightly larger version for smartphones, and I like the folding hinge so it can be packed away more easily

'Driinn' Folding Phone Holder by Bobino. Hangs between charger and socket, provide cable reel and support for mobile phone. Choose a phone holder in white, red or black. Leave the phone holder at the same plug socket so you know where your mobile phone

A couch for people and cats!

This has to be the most cat friendly couch I have ever seen. The Cat Tunnel Couch, designed by Seungji Mun, has a habitrail like tube that runs around the outside. My favorite part is the.