Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

My Rock

≈ Hand Painted Rock – Kitty sleeping on a rock, i LOVE that they added the design to part of the rock and kept the rest natural as part of the design

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If disposable pads are more you thing and you are in the market for saving some cash and moving to something reusable, then we have you covered too. Here I have compiled a list of all the current Menstrual Cloth Pad makers in Australia.

Build better knees

The Way to Build a Better Knee

A daily glucosamine drink supplement failed to prevent deterioration of knee cartilage, reduce bone bruises or ease knee pain, according to a recent short-term study of the popular, if controversial, dietary product.


Howard Tangye: Uses mixed media within his figurative drawings such as acrylic, oil pastel, pen and pencil to create a layered yet simple effect. Taught fashion drawing to Stella McCartney etc.

Christian Shloe / Sürrealizm

Christian Schloe ~ Şilili Sürrealist Ressam…

Christian Schloe "Set Your Heart Free" digital painting // surreal art digital art butterflies