***emekliyim.com***: ÖRGÜ KEÇELİ TERLİKİMSİ PATİK http://niltursamatamerkezi.blogspot.com/2015/03/orgu-keceli-terlikimsi-patik.html

Genius slipper design where you knit a short "scarf", fold and sew onto your bottom. Garter stitch extra chunky yarn about wide, and however many rows you need, then sew into the 2 layers of the felt bottom.

Boston Harbor Scarf - I love this!

New BOSTON HARBOR Scarf -Warm, soft stylish scarf with 3 large coconut buttons (no pattern, but it just looks like double stitch with chunky yarn, easy!

örgü atkı

Small knit scarf held by big buttons. Could also add buttons to a longer scarf. Fall makes me want to knit.

Ravelry slippers pattern with Brioche knitting

All Seasons Slippers Knitting Pattern - I caution those who wear knitted slippers! Apply a non-slip bottom or tread carefully; I broke a wrist after I fell on the kitchen floor while wearing some *slip*pers that were knit with love.

2017 Boyunluk Modelleri

CREATIVE LIVING from a Scandinavian Perspective: Summing up 2011 Greatest Trends: Knitting is the new black. I need a pattern for this hat !

Bağcıklı modeller, spor bir şıklık için ideal olacaktır...

Knit Fingerless Gloves Long Wrist Warmers Taupe/ Grey Brown Corset with Suede Ribbons Victorian Style . Convert to crochet?

Yeni Bere Modelleri

Yeni Bere Modelleri

Rabbit Hood Knitting Pattern ZAÏKA Toddler Child by KatyTricot. Someone please knit this for the girls!

Penye İpten Sepet Modelleri , #penyeiptenörgümodelleri #penyeiptensepet #penyeiptensepetmodelleri , Penye ipten örgü modelleri hayatımızın birçok alanına girdi. Mutfak dekorasyonunda, banyo dekorasyonunda ve evimizin her köşesinde kullanıyo...

Penye İpten Sepet Modelleri

Crochet in Color: Lots of Free patterns. I always go with the smallest hook for baskets, bins, etc. More useful if you don't have to shape them. The only time I use a bigger hook is if slouchy is what the design calls for. Make Crocheted Baskets!

Çocuklar için tavşan figürlü örgü boyunluklu bere modelleri

Knitting PATTERN-The Royalynn Rabbit Hood month - month - Toddler - Child - Adult sizes) by Thevelvetacorn on Etsy

Kordon Örgü Modelinden Neler Yapılır? 69 - Mimuu.com

PDF Pattern: "Twisted Roots" Scarf - Knitting Could be easy enough to do several different crochet stitches and braid for a scarf. This is absolutely beautiful.

cool Örgü Tozluk Modelleri

Leg warmers/boot socks ~ this is a knit pattern but can be done w/crochet using the yoga sock pattern as a start.

Tilki Atkı-Şapka Modeli

Knitting PATTERN-The Failynn Fox Cowl (Toddler - Child - Adult sizes). via Etsy. So cute.