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Grayson Dolan: this is my favorite picture

Read The Party (Grayson) from the story Dolan SMUT Imagines by dolansnut with reads. Your Pov: It was October, Friday th.

20. Dolan twins. | 20 Hottest Guys From YouTube

Grayson) hey I am Grayson // Ethan) hi I am Ethan // Grayson) we are both 19 and single. Ethan) he is my twin.but I am hotter Grayson) Nope! Ethan) we are addicted to drinking and girls!

Grayson) hi guys! I'm Grayson. I'm 17 and I have a twin brother. We make YouTube videos and vines! Introduce?

Ethan Dolan= known as his perfect fucking face I would fuck you if I could right now. (also known for he's huge Dickie his omg its hugeee fuck me damn!

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