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TC Nafia Banu Turan

TC Nafia Banu Turan
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floral lace tattoo...but on the side  to shoulder blade...with less lace more scroll and maybe flowers or feathers/ dream catcher inspired

Beautiful lace back tattoo

I would like a few of these tiny filigree swirls incorporated into the tattoo as well

32 Beautiful Rose Tattoos for Women I should add some shading to mine.

lower stomach tattoo with extension to the hips. This would definitely cover my stretch marks

When I'm done with my arm I'm def doing a lower stomach tatt! Placement is bomb!

I need something like this to cover my 'skin cancer scare' scars on my back!

leopard print tattoo, I want!

So pretty

rose shoulder tattoos I like this style, not so heavy/ bold on the color or outline, soft on the shading, like a sketch but realistic and a vintage look ;

SASHA TATTOOING #ink #tattoo

love this placement for a singular design (and this design is pretty cool too! You could do a half sleeve up top, then have a separate wraparound half sleeve on the forearm.

Freyja Veda (Luscious Suicide)

eroticalogic: “ thighabetic: “ nahchillhomebro: “ tsurufoto: “ How to beat a summer heat wave with Freyja Veda. - by Aaron Tsuru ” Goodness. ” Women with many tattoos are becoming a powerful party in.

so pretty

Add some of this beautiful scrollwork to my foot tatt.

Today, we are going to share 30 Back Waist Tattoos for Women. These Waist Tattoos are really awesome. Hope you will like these Back Waist Tattoos

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Cheetah and Leopard Print Tattoos for Women