Çini; İznik Çinisi

potter Category: fritware (stonepaste) Name(s): tile Islamic pottery; category Date: circa 1550 — 1599 School/Style: Ottoman Period: second half of century Más

HUZUR SOKAĞI (Yaşamaya Değer Hobiler)

I never had the pleasure of working on Iznik pottery. The decoration on these vessels is the greatest mankind has ever produced.

İznik çini

A polychrome Iznik pottery dish, Turkey, second half Century. Arts of the Islamic World - Sotheby’s Catalogue, April 2014

Turkish Tiles, Ceramic Plates, White Ceramics, Pomegranate, Tile Art, China Painting, Arabesque, Tableware, Painted Porcelain

Dish | Iznik, Turkey, ca. 1560-1565 | Fritware, covered in pale blue slip, polychrome underglaze painted, glazed | This decorative dish has the coloured ground that featured on some Iznik wares from the 1550s. At this time potters in Iznik in Turkey were using a variety of coloured slips (liquid clay) to cover the bodies of their wares. They then added detailed designs in slips of contrasting colours and paint | VA Museum, London


Turkey/ İznik / Dish / Date: ca. / Materials and Techniques:Fritware, covered in pale blue slip, polychrome underglaze painted, glazed / Diameter: cm, Height: cm

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Kum Boncuktan Takı Modelleri