Paper crafting is a very nice hubby and unexpensive. It can be a best interior for a wall white wall interior which makes a good effect with a green plant bedide it.

Actually this is a paper basket that comes in roll. I finish the basket and the left overs I made this beautiful hunging mobils.

Имитација антички Патина бакра.  Бронзана боја.


Имитација антички Патина бакра. Бронзана боја.

You can do it -  Here's how!

Felt mandala with hand painting: pattern and tutorial / Создаем яркую мандалу из фетра: по ссылке есть шаблоны I would like to use embroidery thread to form the lines instead of painting on.

felt blobs

CUSTOM Abstract Felt Mobile by lupin at etsy. They remind me of peacock feather eyes.

A Clothespin Wreath for All Seasons (plus a linky for you)

How Turn a Frisbee into a Clothes Pin Wreath--Fast!

I did a little upcycling and turned a frisbee of doom into a trendy clothes pin wreath.

patrones figuras de fieltro navidad - Buscar con Google

PDF pattern - Set of four felt ornaments - teapot, teacup, muffin and cupcake - DIY felt decorations, pink Christmas tree ornaments. via Etsy.Me gustan como para agarraderas :)

Crazy Diy Projects To Reuse Clothespins

Crazy Diy Projects To Reuse Clothespins

Love these - so practical and pretty!!

Felt flower coasters for wine glasses. -I'm thinking gifts for my wine-o friends and family :)