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the embroidery floss brands are all different colors, and there is text overlay that says
Brands of Embroidery Thread
There are a lot of hand embroidery design patterns out there. But, to do hand embroidery you'll need embroidery thread. And this post is about the best hand embroidery floss brands.
sewing supplies with the words picking fabric for hand embroidery on it and in front of them
The Best Hand Embroidery Fabrics
There are different fabrics you can use in embroidery. Including linen and denim. And this post is about the fabric you can use in hand embroidery.
a guide to hand embroidery needles with text overlay that reads, a guide to hand embroidery needles
The Best Brands of Embroidery Needles
Needing a new embroidery needle for your next embroidery ideas? This post is about the different types and brands of embroidery needles you can use on your next embroidery patterns.
the embroidery machine thread is next to a tree with blue and pink leaves on it
Thread Types for Embroidery Machines
There are tons of different embroidery threads out there. And this post is about some of the best machine embroidery thread types out there.
an orange and white banner with some scissors and thread on it, along with the words sewing an embroidery top or frame
Hoops and Frames for Cross Stitch
If you want to use a hoop or frame for your cross stitch. It's important to pick out the right one. So, this post is about picking an embroidery hoop or frame.
several spools of thread with the words sewing and embroidery thread
What do You use Sewing and Embroidery Thread For?
Here's my newest post, sewing thread vs embroidery thread. Some of their uses and differences.
the best cross stitching needles
The Best Needles for Cross Stitching
Trying to decide which needle to use for your cross stitching? In this post I'll tell you my favorite types of needles for cross stitch.
two pictures with the words, what's better needlepoint or cross stitch?
Needlepoint and Cross Stitch
Do you want to know the difference between cross stitch and needlepoint? In this post I'll talk about both of these embroidery techniques and some of their differences.
embroidery vs needlepoint with two hands on the needle
What's Better Needlepoint or Embroidery
I love all kinds of needlework. Whether it’s embroidery, cross-stitch, sewing or other kinds of needlework. Needlework is anything that is stitched or sewn by hand.