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My husband's dream bathroom: Library Bathroom: A peek at author Michael Cunningham's library!

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Bookworm wrap-around chair beckons bibliophiles.The Bookworm is a chair that surrounds the reader with their library, literally.The Bookworm from Dutch design firm Atelier 010 is a single piece of furniture that combines a chair and bookcase in one.

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Manzarayı ağaç engellemiş ama olsun. Yine de güzel bir ortam.

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Inspirational Ideas For Creating A Reading Nook/Window Seat In Your Home ᴷᴬ

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"Trinity College Library, Dublin - the smell of old books is amazing : )" Is there anything as beautiful as a library? And just think, at this point if you started reading that library, you would not live to finish it. At least, not at my speed.

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"Over water hammock. Can I live here?" This is really cool, but my question is this: how on earth do you get on it? and how in the world do you keep the pillows from falling into the water?

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Karl Lagerfeld's Library Karl Lagerfeld has the most amazing library! This is pretty much my dream home. In the film Lagerfeld Confidential, a wonderful documentary on the man himself, they show him.