Длинные и Короткие стежки

ришелье бразильская вышивка

Los árboles muestran los mágicos colores del otoño. Grandes rocas y cascadas terminan esta escena hermosa

Autumn at the Glade Creek Grist Mill in the Babcock State Park, West Virginia. Looks like a Thomas Kinkade

Cotswolds--some day I want to spend a few months living in a small village in the English countryside. :)

Castle Combe, England, UK - been here, this is one of the most beautiful little villages I've ever been to in my life.

Anne Barton - When She Was Wicked

Fantasy set into Tolstoyś Anna Karenina era - a bored virgin aristocratic girl meets a middle-aged drunkard war hero - who then introduces her to rough sex and spanking etc. the cleavages in those area dresses play major role in this fantasy