"Excellent #Crochet #Tutorial for making the Linen Stitch. Includes step-by-step detailed pictures and text." #KnittingGuru http://www.pinterest.com/KnittingGuru

Linen Stitch Crochet Tutorial: Excellent crochet tutorial for making the linen stitch. Includes step-by-step detailed pictures and text.

Possibly use for a shawl

Crochet stitch diagram Tbhis is so nice. It looks like a modification of the Solomon stitch or Lover's Knot stitch but more refined. I am doing Solomons now and am intrigued to try this one now

fabric covered lampshade

How to Recover a Lampshade: A Photo Tutorial

jut kumasi dantelli runner

Handmade burlap and lace table runner for your home, wedding or shower! The "Eliza Grace " Table Runner by Ace of Lace Creations. (The samples are lengths of the actual runner with lace down both sides and finished on the ends).