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the diagram shows how many different lines are connected to each other, and where one line is
Crochetpedia: Lots of Crochet
Crochetpedia: Lots of Crochet
the crochet stitch is being worked on
Tunus İşi Nasıl Örülür Resimli Anlatımlı Örnek Tunus işi bayanlar arasında oldukça yaygın bir örnek.Tunus işi anlatımlı patik modellerini sitemizde de görebilirsiniz. Tunus işi nasıl yapılır? diye …
a crocheted blanket with pink, grey and white stripes is laying on a table
Larksfoot Crochet Blanket Pattern
the crochet modern baby blanket pattern is shown in blue, beige and white
Get the free crochet pattern for this modern granny stripe baby blanket from Daisy Farm Crafts featured in my gender neutral baby blanket pattern roundup!
two balls of yarn are next to a crocheted blanket
I've updated my modern granny blanket pattern on my website today. You can swipe your way right to it in stories or link in my profile, or link on my Facebook page, or link on twitter, or pin on Pinterest! Or, oh my gosh, how many more places will there be? . (Post edit: I thought of one more..YouTube! I have a YouTube channel too! And that better be enough to cover all my bases whew!) . . Now, I don't know if this is lazy or not, and I hope I'm going to be okay when I get to the border, b...
the crochet modern granny blanket pattern is shown with yarn and balls of yarn
Daisy Farm Crafts
Free Pattern - Crochet Modern Granny Blanket
a crocheted square with a flower in the center on a table top next to a wall
Simple effect using chain stitch....
365 Granny Squares Project: Simple effect using chain stitch....
a hand holding a green and red christmas ornament with a bow on it
Christmas crochet ornament- wreath inspiration- no instructions
a white and red brooch sitting on top of a blue table
Peppermint Snowflake Ring Ornament
Whiskers & Wool: Peppermint Snowflake Ring Ornament + pattern link
a green crocheted brooch with red ribbon around it on a blue background
Christmas Wreath Ring Ornament
Christmas Wreath Ring Ornament is the 3rd in my "Ringing In Christmas" ornament series. Each ornament is made by crocheting around a 2" pl...
a crocheted ornament with a bell hanging from it's center
kerstornamentje - made by Marygold
instructions to crochet an ornament for christmas tree ornaments, including star and snowflakes
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Virkattu tähti ohje, from Esmeralda's blog
two pieces of blue rope are shown with the words,
How to Join a New Ball of Yarn in Three Different Ways│by ThePatterfamily