Make crocheted frames |

k of these crocheted picture frames! Have you ever made a crocheted or knitted picture frame? Or covered one in yarn? I’m thinking it wou.

Doily lamp DIY

Blow up a balloon, cover it in doilies using a craft glue. When it's dry, pop the balloon & you have an awesome decoration. Bet you could use it as the lampshade on a small pendant light, too. Great-gramma's and my MIL's doilies may find another use.

Granny square boxes

Granny square boxes :: I really like the idea. Could be any size of box - just add enough rows on the granny square to make it fit. Might require a bit experimentation on how to apply the squares on the box though.but so pretty.

Doily Bags

OR, use a crocheted doily from a craft store. (aw) No pattern - but crochet any similar circle, use a nice ribbon and make a lovely pouch for small gifts.

Crochet pineapple pouch chart pattern

Bolsa em crochet pineapple little pouch - sweet handmade to hide treasures!

DIY Lace Doily Bowls

DIY Room Decor: Lace Doily Bowls

DIY Room Decor: Lace Doily Bowls Apartment Therapy Tutorials maybe an idea for centerpieces for the women's Retreat

9a58d1f3da029bad66de11791dea814c.jpg 381×500 píxeles

9a58d1f3da029bad66de11791dea814c.jpg 381×500 píxeles