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Nevruz Erken
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René Magritte, peintre belge, rencontre les surréalistes parisiens - A.Breton…

Rafal Olbinki’s dreamlike artworks are layered with complex psychology, mapping the interiors of the mind and drawing the observer into a different world.

Indonesians Try To Smuggle Endangered Parrots Stuffed in Empty Water Bottles! Demand A Harsh Penalty! |

Justice For Cookie! Destroyed By A Who Cracked His Skull and Severed His Spine!

Rosetta’s Comet Landing Site Close Up | NASA Lay of the Land: Where on comet ‪#‎67P‬ that the Rosetta Mission plans to land the Philae lander on Nov 12:

An annotated mosaic from the Rosetta spacecraft shows "Site J," the primary landing site on comet for the mission's Philae lander.

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I am alive at night. I am dead in the morning… — Anne Sexton, “Moon Song, Woman Song,” The Complete Poems