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Famous Self Portrait Photographers
A basic guideline for where to start in manual mode with ISO, aperture, and shutter speed in different light settings. #photography #DSLR
Metering Modes and How Your Camera Meter Works
Canon 50D Tips: Problem focusing? Customize the AF! This method works amazing--from my own experience!
Check out these STM lens video quick tips from Canon! It’s a cheat sheet for how to use smooth, quiet autofocus to make great videos.
nikon and canon lens price comparison
Digital cameras have an array of squares or dots, that you see when you look through the viewfinder, which represent the points at which it is capable of focusing. Put your subject on top of one of those dots, press the shutter button, and you’ll get a nice sharp image….usually. But, sometimes your camera doesn’t light up …
Understanding Normal and Cross-Type Focusing Points
Just had a a-ha moment with my new 7d after reading this.