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a bulletin board with cut out numbers and clouds in different colors on the blackboard
three plastic bags filled with cucumbers and carrots on top of a wooden table
The Best 100th Day of School Treats for Teachers
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100 mutlu gün
a child holding up a paper plate with numbers on it and the words sumballs for the
100th Day Gumball Machine
a bulletin board with post it notes on it and the words celebrating the 100th day
The 100th Day!!
there is a sign that says 100 in front of some other signs on the wall
there is a sign that says, 100 multi - u cumiui
a piece of paper that has some pictures on it with the words 100 motiu y'all
the word 100 days of school is made out of cut outs and paper star shapes
the letters are made up of different colors and shapes, including one letter that is shaped like an umbrella
four children's art work made with paper and colored pencils on a table
100th Day...part 2