Very cute first day of school craft and poem...must do

Day of School Handprint & poem ("Welcome, welcome, school has begun. Time for work. Time for fun. I use my hands for fun and play School has started just today.") Write child's name & date day of school craft -cae

Tot School Themes: The Color Red | From ABC's to ACT's

Tot School Themes: The Color Red

From story books to art projects and sensory play, our very first week in tot school was a huge success and we had a blast learning all about the color red. * Be sure to check out this helpful article.

Name collages using dot markers! My preschool students are having fun learning the letters in their name. EDITABLE FREEBIE.

Powers of 10 Math Face Off 5.NBT.2

Symbolism part Judy- Positive Names- Neutral Shame- Negative New York-Positive Dominican Republic-Negative Julie-Negative

Last Day of preK

Claire& last day of kindergarten was on Friday, May The last week of school was very eventful. She had her field trip to t.

İlk gün çerçevesi için @keskinnbusra teşekkürler #etkinlikkurdu #etkinlik…

İlk gün çerçevesi için @keskinnbusra teşekkürler #etkinlikkurdu #etkinlik…

first day of preschool

First Day Of Preschool Keepsake - FREE Printable


Kindergarten Keepsake Book (First Week-Last Week Activities)