DIY "Adding Machine" ... This blog post shows you how to make it.

Math Concepts: This is an adding machine! It is super simple to make and fun for the kids to learn about adding/composing numbers. It will help those kids understand the equal sign in a way they haven't experienced before.

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This could be a neat activity to teach the story of the "Bremer Stadtmusikanten"

Shadow drawing is a simple but fun outdoor art activity for kids. "In the morning a.) or late afternoon p.), place a table in a sunny spot where long shadows will be cast. Unroll paper along one side of the table, and arrange a variety of object

Second Grade People Worksheets: Finish the Drawing: Why is he Happy?

Finish the Drawing: Why is he Happy?

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What is the snowman dreaming about? ~ Winter Theme ~ Snow ~ Snowflake ~ Snowman ~ Winter ~ Reindeer ~ Sleigh ~ Story Starters ~ Story Stones ~ Writing Prompts ~ Drawing Prompts ~ Preschool ~ Kindergarten ~ First Grade ~ 2nd Grade ~ 3rd Grade ~ Homeschool ~ Creativity ~ Sentence Starters ~ Creativity ~ Imagination ~ First Grade ~ Second Grade ~ Third Grade ~ Christmas

Story Starters, Writing Prompts, and Creative Drawing spark Children's Creativity and Imagination - Monsters and Aliens