This represents Orientalism because the image speaks out to those of the Islam region. The image shows Orientalism because the artist is

Dancer in harem - check out her shoes!

Middle Eastern Belly Dancer Dancing with a Veil to Musical Accompaniment. what's she standing on?

OTTOMAN ISTANBUL Osmanlı İstanbulu

A trip to Küçüksu, along the Bosphorus. Late-Ottoman era, end of century.

Mahidevran Gülbahar Sultan (Ottoman Turkish: ماه دوران سلطان, c. 1500 – 3 February 1581) was haseki sultan to Suleiman the Magnificent and mother of Şehzade Mustafa, Şehzade Ahmed and Raziye Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

The Light of the Harem - Charles Wynne Nicholls - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

.:. Federico Ballesio (Italian Painter , 1860-1923) -  Flirting with the carpet seller

Edwin Lord Weeks (American, – The Silk Merchants Jean-Léon Gérôme ( 1824 – – Carpet Merchant in Cairo Francesco Ballesio (Italian Painter , – The Carpet …

Women at the Harem in Mamluk- Ottoman Egypt… 19th century  Painted by the orientalist painter John Fredrick Lewis

Lewis John Frederick - Indoor Gossip, Cairo& oil on canvas. John Frederick Lewis was an Orientalist English painter. He specialized in Oriental and Mediterranean scenes and often worked in exquisitely detailed watercolour.

"The Carpet Sellers". (by Francesco Ballesio).

The Carpet Seller : Halı

Francesco Ballesio The Carpet Sellers painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Francesco Ballesio The Carpet Sellers painting is available at custom size.

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