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Dragon Claw Necklace Kit RESTOCKED!, silver & purple

RESTOCKED!! Back by popular demand, this beautiful necklace incorporates an exclusive custom cut purpe-grey leland slag glass point in the flower pendant at center front, suspended from a herringbone chain which features fabulous "talon-like" beaded end caps at the closure. Techniques include herringbone, tubular and flat peyote stitch and combination stitching. Silver & purple color way.

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Wężowa bransoletka z koralików robiona na szydełku „Łaciata” + wzór

Witam serdecznie na dzisiejszy piękny dzionek przygotowałam szydełkowo-koralikową wężową bransoletkę, na którą nie którzy mówią łaty węża lub panterka :) Muszę przyznać, że ten wzór bransoletki cie…

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Сколько рапортов потредуется для жгута. | Бисер-МастерКласс

Как расчитать количество рапортов,для жгута нужной длянны

Kumihimo Braided Black and Green Beaded Necklace and Bracelet Set

Kumihimo braiding with seed beads is the ultimate fulfillment in creating this awesome Japanese craft. The elegance of the spiraling pattern gives interest yet simplicity to the design. This ensemble is made with two different sizes of seed beads. The black beads are slightly larger than the variegated green ones. The result is that the green beads develop a groove adding depth to the design. The pattern created depends on how the beads and colors are laid out on the weaving loom. The…

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