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Nilgün Demirel
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Math about Me

Math about Me - first day of school activity- mathematical spin on getting to know our students. Could then have them find others with the same numbers. use this for grouping strategy?

Anchor Chart Gallery (Blog Post from Creating Readers and Writers) #anchorcharts

Re telling a story. Good reinforcement at guided reading. Have pictures from the story and SW put them in order for BOY then they do their own pics/words as the year progresses.

have each kid fill in their own head....words that describe them. things they like...

authenticarts: it’s like a Jane Austen book come to life. e-picart: mixed media collage made from tiny cutouts from a text book inches took about hours to make (alternately, a poem or autobiography inside)

Inquiry Cycle by Kathy Short

In each unit of inquiry, learners have the opportunity to: Develop a deep understanding of important concepts Conduct research into knowledge that has local and global significance Acquire and.