Летний комплект для девочки

детская одежда,крючок.

Летний комплект для девочки [ "Hat and skirt crochet", "Crochet patterns - Haak patronen Haven

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Isabella crossover Top knitting Pattern

Squirrel - "I'm nuts about you"                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I'll be doing a white squirrel puff in honor of my grandparent's town in Brevard:)

Love this, crochet and tulle.

Link back to the original Ravelry page - then link to yoke pattern. "Mixed-up dress" crochet top, tulle tutu skirt. So want to make this for the girls!

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This pattern is written in English only.

Seasonal dresses Pattern pattern by Julie Williams

This dress was knit with a long tail cast on of 96 stitches. After three knit rows for the garter stitch hem, I knit 12 repeats of the chart pictured on the left. The chart is offset at the start t.