Istanbul, Turkey

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Your glory stands above the waves, and when I'm crashing within myself, you are still.

The Maiden's Tower (Turkish: Kız Kulesi) By Yaşar Koç - Istanbul, Turkey. What a pretty picture for the Maiden's Tower.

Hagia Sophia, a former Greek Orthodox patriarchal basilica (church), later an imperial mosque, and now a museum. Instanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia, now known as the Ayasophya Museum, is a former Greek Orthodox patriarchal basilica (church) and later an imperial mosque in Instanbul, Turkey. It is considered one of the greatest and most beautiful buildings in history.

Things To Do In #Istanbul Details :

Istanbul is the largest city in the Middle East and contains nearly active mosques. This is a list of three of the most amazing mosques in Istanbul.

Nusretiye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Muslim Mosques throughout the world contain some of the most beautiful architecture and interior designs which have sublime intricate patterns. In today& post we& be looking at some delightful and breathtaking mosque ceilings, these ceilings

İstanbul. Our tips for things to do in Istanbul:

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