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Dumb ways to die illustrations, the video & song are even better!

Dumb Ways To Die Illustrations + Awesome characters: Each one is unique, but the style is unified + Solid colors + Cool, unified idea + The eyes mouth are generally unified/very similar

Ien Levin

Selected illustrative tattoo designs by Ien Levin, a Kiev, Ukraine-based illustrator and tattoo artist. Ien Levin's style is influenced b


My second tattoo. My peek-a-boo kitty! (^-^) This was a very spontaneous tattoo. I just thought one day, “Hey! Why the heck not get a kitty by my ‘kitty’? Lol No regrets, probably cuz I love cats in general. Done by Oz

Don’t Panic Tattoo <3

hitchhikers will get this and know that this is one hoopy frood who surely knows where his towel is. (hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy by douglas adams. read it!