No stress Café

No stress Café

this is a dream cafe of two friends ☁ first step for the real one ✔
No stress Café
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My neighbour totoro....

Image via Erina Akiyama Syndey-based chef and baker Erina Akiyama has been creating delicious cartoon donuts that are simply too cute to.

the lumberjack cake!

Cake artist Elizabeth Marek, owner of the Portland, Oregon-based Artisan Cake Company, has added a new tutorial to her Sugar Geek Show website that features a lumberjack tree trunk cake. The manly cake comes complete with an edible axe on top and a tasty

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Playing around with a pumpkin shaped cookie to make pancakes. Put your fork where your stem is! How-to is in,You Can't Judge a Cookie by Its Cutter (cookie cutters shapes)

One cutter 5 ways! Got my gift tag cutter out for the holiday season but first gonna use it to make Frankenstein's Monster for Halloween! Plus toasters and popcorn and bottles, oh my!

“The end of eggplant season is getting mixed reactions!”

“The end of eggplant season is getting mixed reactions!

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