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Driftwood, Rustic candle holder, large driftwood candle holder, wedding gift idea, Cabin decor, coastal decor, beach decor
Diy CandlesIkea Candle HolderRustic Beach Decor

Driftwood, Rustic candle holder, large driftwood candle holder, wedding gift idea, Cabin decor, coastal decor, beach decor

Create a statement this unique, stunning, large 11 votive driftwood centerpiece.. Beautifully aged and softened by time. Sand, sun and sea have shaped this candle holder to create a high interest, striking center piece. I spend many happy hours walking the beaches of Puget Sound looking for and gathering unique pieces of driftwood that I think can be made into candle holders. Some are simple single candle holders some are more elaborate and hold up to 11 candles. Each is unique. This…

Rustic Modern hanging reclaimed wood beam light by Rte5Reclamation

Rustic Industrial Modern hanging reclaimed wood beam light lighting fixture with LED lamps and rusted chain

RUSTIC MODERN HANGING RECLAIMED WOODEN BEAM LED LIGHT FIXTURE WITH RUSTED CHAIN -Reclaimed wood beam with the natural patina -Naturally aged by nature -One LED light (650 to 720 lumens, depending on lamp color) per 16" incremental length -Hanging light that comes with (2) two 60" lengths of rusted linked chain -Power cord included -MADE To ORDER. FREE SHIPPING* for fixtures up to and including 80”, (6 Lamp). For longer fixtures, PLEASE SEE SPECIAL SHIPPING NOTE BELOW This reclaimed wood…

Driftwood lamp with rope. Home decor. Bulb by Glighthouse on Etsy

Driftwood table lamp, Edison bulb. Wood lamp. Rustic desk lamp. Loft table lamp. Bedside lamp. living room table lamp. Livingroom lighting

The design of this indoor lamp is especially stylish thanks to combination of rude rope, organic driftwood and vintage look bulb. Perfect decor in every house and office. Each G Lighthouse lamp is unique and due to its nature no second alike exists! !!!! Please kindly pay attention, that due to the nature of driftwood the design of the lamps' driftwood may slightly vary, but the style etc stays the same! Height 18 (46 cm) Base meas. 7.8 x 7.8 (20x20 cm) Shipped with the bulb!

Really like the one in the upper right hand corner! Must try this. driftwood table lamp stands

Driftwood Decor: 24 Dramatic Art Lamps & Lighting Designs

It is as if these designers set an insane challenge for themselves: see just how many there are to craft pieces and parts of every kind of lamp and lighting fixture ever created - all from recycled scrap and found driftwood. One of the fascinating results of this design experiment: a number of l ...

DIY: Tree Branch Lamp


These lamps are gorgeous! When I get a free weekend, I'll be making one of my own! Here's how I would break this down into a simple DIY pro...

Love these driftwood uplights. Wouldn't they look great in a garden at night?  #DIYDriftwood

Le bois flotté nous enseigne - Tourisme

Ce n'est qu'un bout de bois vulgaire et biscornu , Trouvé dans du gravier tout près d'une rivière; Il semblait m'appeler en muette prière. Je sais, vous trouvez ça stupide et saugrenu Je l'ai frotté, lavé, propre il est devenu. Dévoilant le secret...

Twist, Sloths nails similar to branches on this tree branch lighting chandelier

Items similar to Fey Illumination Chandelier (Natural) Wood Tree Branch Sculptural Lighting on Etsy

Whisk Chandelier. I want to do this instead of my ugly pendant light (the one we always bash our heads on)

Cupcakes by Sonja, Glorietta 2, Makati, Metro Manila

Sonja’s Cupcakes first store opened September 8, 2006. What initially started out as nothing but a fun idea, has now developed into one of the top cupcake pioneers in Metro Manila. They were among the first (if not the first) to capitalize on the local cupcake market”s potential, they even started the Red Velvet trend that”s […]

Beautiful DIY Wood Lamp

25 Beautiful DIY Wood Lamps And Chandeliers That Will Light Up Your Home

And because we talk about home aesthetics, we have searched for a variety of DIY wood lamps and chandeliers projects which are easy enough to be made by anyone and still look stylish and edgy enough to look like bought from a designer's shop.

CONVERTED to ELECTRIC! Lamp for outdoor it! Perfect Lol...I have about 15 mis-matched old lanterns in my stack of "ohhhh....I can do something with that one day" husbands will be happy not to have I have a use for some and it will be less he has to worry about breaking!

Driftwood Lamp Sculpture, Mother Nature Creation, Driftwood Decoration, Driftwood Lamp, Handmade Lamp,Natural Wood Lamp

Driftwood Lamp Sculpture, Natural Design, Driftwood Decoration, Driftwood Lamp, Handmade Lamp,Natural Wood Lamp

Here is a beautiful driftwood lamp. It is rich in details and the texture. To bring to surface it's natural structure, we did not use any heavy machines. Just a simple saw, drill and the sandpaper...and the most important thing ... love and patience. The surface has beautiful coloring and endless patterns. It is not only beautiful to look at it and to enjoy its' patterns and curves, but also to touch it and to enjoy warm and soft feeling that only natural wood can bring. It has been treated…

Black Friday/Syber Monday,Halloween Lamp, Luxurious Lamp, Hawthorn Wood Lamp, Natural Lamp, Wooden Lamp. $110.00, via Etsy.

Black Friday/Syber Monday,Halloween Lamp, Luxurious Lamp, Hawthorn Wood Lamp, Natural Lamp, Wooden Lamp

COUPON CODE MARZA15 Luxurious and very unusual wooden lamp made of hawthorn wood. Why is it Halloween lamp? It is because no other lamp can have better reputation than the lamp whose wood is used to kill vampires... There was a belief in ancient times, and this belief it is still present in nowadays in some parts of Balkan peninsula (Transylvania), that the only secure way to kill a vampire is by rupturing its' heart with the stake made from hawthorn wood... sounds spooky... But also…

DIY chandelier twig crafts

How to DIY a white branch chandelier... or woodsy. For free!

How to DIY a whimsical expensive looking (but FREE) white branch chandelier! It's gorgeous and easy to do! Click for full tutorial.

Turn an oil lantern to a "rusty," electric, primitive lantern.

Primitive Rusty Electric Lantern Light Tutorial

Well, I thought I would try and do my first tutorial of this Primitive Rusty Electric Lantern Light I found this black lantern at Walmart where they have all of their candles for under $6.00 and thought this would make a great primitive electric lantern light that we all love. If it is not located in the candle section then it should be by the camping equipment. I have done this with antique oil lanterns as well. Hope you enjoy this tutorial! Supplies: *Black Oil Lantern (Found at Walmart in…

Diferentes formas de decorar con troncos y ramas

Diferentes formas de decorar con troncos y ramas

Hoy os vamos a enseñar diferentes formas de decorar con troncos y ramas, para que así os inspiréis y podáis realizar vuestros propios diseños o creaciones.