Bargello magic  (not sure if I could actually make this, but one can wish!)

Bargello Magic How To Design Your Own By Pauline Fischer And Anabel Lasker Vintage Needlepoint Book 1972


Looks like checkerboard pattern with alternating blocks of stockinette and reverse stockinette

Cross Stitch Rose, Cross Stitch Alphabet, Craft Work, Needlework, Woodcarving, Crochet Lace, Bath Linens, Cross Stitches, Hardanger

Bargello Patterns, Hardanger Embroidery, Needle Points, Needlework, Patchwork, Straight Stitch, Dots, Towels, Table Runners

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ac4d6f8ee278d7b4c0d0f87005dd044a.jpg 480×640 pixels