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Numan Eris

Numan Eris
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Hand-painted typography on vintage saws.By Vault49, New York.

(Sub)prime Cuts: Painted Saws is a New. - (Sub)prime Cuts: Painted Saws is a New York studio creation which has recently completed this project (Sub)primes Cuts, painted hand saws. Using bright colors to distract the object, rendering.

RGB Typeface by Mick O'Beirne

RGB type These deceptively simple letters are by London designer, Mick O’Beirne.They are visualized by the overlapping of RGB colors to define the letter forms.

hand cut typography by Antonius Bui

Antonius Bui - Your song How beautiful is this feat of handmade typography? Antonius Bui meticulously cut the handwritten lyrics of a song out of paper, creating a sheet of artfully intertwined letters.