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an iphone screen with some stickers on it
MELISSA MARFIL (@melissamarfil) • Fotos y videos de Instagram
a black and white drawing of a stack of books on top of eachother
the sky is dark and cloudy with some writing on it
Umudu kaybetmemek lazım Allah bi kapıyı kapatır diğerini açar sadece sabırla beklemek gerekir bazen inanın her şey yoluna giriyor ❤
a black and white drawing of a person on a skateboard
Masa_tattooer on Instagram: “. . memories . .…” | Tattoo Archive
Masa_tattooer on Instagram: “. . memories . .…”,
a row of potted plants sitting next to each other on top of a white wall
I'm loving these cactus paintings. Credit to artist -
an illustration of planets and stars hanging from strings
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☆ @maritvanvlietvv - #maritvanvlietvv
a black and white drawing of a rose on a white background with watercolor stains
Dandelion by Sylvia Betham Painting & Drawing, Draw, Art, Kawaii, Sketches, Art Drawings, Zentangle
Dandelion by Sylvia Betham
an infinite sign with the word forever written in black ink on a white paper background