Nurgül Taşdemirci

Nurgül Taşdemirci

Nurgül Taşdemirci
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Toilet bowl brush hidden in the wall. hidden storage Cool idea! Would be a pain to clean, but would be better than tripping over the thing.

Toilet bowl brush hidden in the wall. Need for my toilet room. Would be a pain to clean, but would be better than tripping over the thing.

Awsome idea

Excellent space saving idea for a small bathroom. Between the studs toilet paper holder with space for additional extra rolls. Great for the powder room in the hallway

Glue river rocks to a dollar store baking tray for an inexpensive place to put dirty or wet shoes - just spray off with a hose when dirty

Use river rocks to drip dry boots and shoes. Consumer Crafts has great prices on river rocks/pebbles for home decor. I have the boot/shoe holders now for the river rocks.

What a great idea.. small frame to make these unsightly things look quaint!

put a frame around thermostat, what a good idea, my thermostat is in the middle of my hallway where i have many picture frames, always hated that it was there, now i wish i had thought of that! Off to Hobby Lobby.

Laundry rooms aren't usually big or spacious. In most homes, they simply occupy enough space to do the task. There's not much attention given to it, hence, it's not surprising that it's often disorganized, dank or dark. Your laundry room need not be one if you know of ways to organize yours at home. And clever storage ideas can spell the difference between a laundry room that you loathe or one that you like!. Now, we all know that ready-to-use storage systems can be expensive ...

Store ironing board behind a laundry room or closet door where you’ll rarely see it but still have easy access to it. The secret: robe hooks! To dress it up, use a panel cabinet door to mount the hooks on.

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