Wow! Amazing Paper Fish! How cool is this paper fish craft.. tey actually move and are flexible. so fun!!

Moving Paper Fish: Tie in vocabulary "school" of fish. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!

3D Paper Caterpillar Craft! A great process craft for kids! Good pairing with The Hungry Caterpillar Book!

3D Paper Caterpillar Craft with Template

M1.1:  Demonstrate strong sense of counting.  Place color pompom in each circle and count the number of pompoms.

Honey Pot is 4 years old. Little M&M is 26 months old. Books We borrowed numerous books from the library on caterpillars and butter.

#okulöncesi #okulöncesietkinlik #okulöncesieğitim #okulöncesiöğretmeni…

#okulöncesi #okulöncesietkinlik #okulöncesieğitim #okulöncesiöğretmeni…

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There are all sorts of interesting and fun games you can play at your party, but this one is super duper fun! It is called ‘The Saran Wrap Ball’ and it is just that…a massive ball of Saran Wrap with a ton of goodies layered t

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