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Charles Harper 1964

I speak, I say, I talk Illustration by Charles Harper in 'Childcraft: The How and Why Library' Volume Field Enterprises, first printed Charlie Harper illustrations

Charley Harper

Childcraft: The How and Why Library (Volume - Poems and Rhymes. Published by World Book / Childcraft International in Illustration by Charley Harper.

finding your twinflame: When this happens, it's an incredible time of recognition, knowing, believing, growing, loving and coming together... A must read article honey <3 :)

"Through a Tantric practice, couples can experience an ever-deepening state of transcendental Oneness & Bliss ~ Eternal Twin Flames ♥ Beautiful Art: Willow Arlenea ♥

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Mother Earth

Mother Earth by Jenness Cortez Perlmutter. Mother Earth, she is the center, the reason and the most beautiful and loving mother there is. Being a shaman means giving our life to serve her, and become her voice and hands in the world - Noga gal