Circus Games for Kids: Ring Toss - From ABCs to ACTs

Circus Games for Kids: Ring Toss

With the colder winter temperatures bearing down on us now, we've been doing our best to fill our days with fun indoor activities so that cabin fever doesn circus day!

Fun and simple games for kids

Fun and simple game for kids - Cafe and Apothecary Game and Puzzle Week


Indoor golf in the classroom (or maybe library)


Blow cotton balls with straws into cups. Cute idea to target a variety of things including oral motor function


Handprint Color Matching Game {Virtual Book Club for Kids}

Okulöncesi Sanat ve Fen Etkinlikleri: Okulöncesi İp Oyunları

Eye Hand Corrdination: string drop or magnet fishing.make the rope bigger & heavier to add more gm challenge

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