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Example of a small side garden. What I really love about this image is the window well. It's hard to get a window well to not look trashy, and this one looks absolutely magical.

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This is also a great idea for starting seeds as the moisture comes from the bottom, thus eliminating the fungus that kills many seedlings when you water from the top.need to bottles tho and I don't drink soft drinks.

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Choosing shrubs with shallow roots allows you to have a lush garden without stunting growth or blocking drains. Here are some shallow root shrubs.

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Favored for their intense colors and heady fragrance, hyacinths are a staple of the spring garden along with daffodils and tulips. The plants' stately appearance makes them prized in formal bulb plantings.

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How picturesque, spring daffodils wind their way along the rocky-edged stream in the heart of springtime. MacKenzie-Childs farm Aurora NY Daffodils are my favorite! -- Spring bulbs in abundance

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