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an arabic calligraphy is displayed on a white sheet with red writing in the middle
Ranah Islam
Karya Lomba Seni Khat Melaka 2017
two icebergs floating in the ocean with an arabic quote on it's side
ترازو اعمال #باطن #ظاهر عضویت در رسانه مردم 👇 ✔️ @khat57 🔸 sapp.ir/khat57 🔹 eitaa.com/Khat57 ▪️ instagram.com/khat57_official
an arabic calligraphy is displayed in a wooden frame
Islamic Khat Surah Al Naml Calligraphy Quran Art Handmade Wood Veneer Painting
a lit up flower sitting on top of a table
Arif ARSLAN (@arslan_dr) / Twitter
Dr. Arif ARSLAN (@arslan_dr) | Twitter