Omar Amsha

Omar Amsha

Drink'n Russian..Smoke'n Cuban..Speak'n English..Wear'n Italian..Drive'n German..Kiss'n French.. and proudly I am From Lebanon WELCOME TO MY PROFI
Omar Amsha
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ceiling for wardrobe

It is clarity of mind to create and manifest greater foundation for even more growth in the direction of your will.

60 Richmond East Housing Development By Teeple Architects

archatlas: Richmond East Housing Development Teeple Architects “Toronto’s first housing co-operative in 20 years, 60 Richmond East is an urban in-fill project that incorporates a dynamic building.

Porter House                  New York City                  Architects: SHoP

One principle of smart growth is to look for opportunities and take advantage of existing community assets. Redevelopment of existing buildings is an important part of Smart Growth because it save up resources, time and money!