Red embroidery

Red and white embroidered linens are perfect for the Swedish bed. 3 the red pillow ties.

Cushion bird house applique embroidery

Roxy Creations: Cushion bird house applique embroidery - my eldest daughter also wabts this on her bed ♥

Butterfly  Lavender Pillow

3D Butterfly & Lavender Pillow

Looking for your next project? You're going to love Lavender and Butterfly Pillow by designer Embroidershoppe.

Red Butterfly Pillowcase - Embroidery Kit

Fairway Needlecraft Ribbon and Bows Lady Lace Edge Pillowcase - Embroidery Kit.

Pillowcases - Embroidery Patterns & Kits -

JACK DEMPSEY-Stamped Pillowcases With White Perle Edge. This is a fun hand embroidery project with a great design. This package contains two standard size pillo