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shaylorphoto: “ The Hawk Conservancy Trust is a conservation charity that works in the fields of conservation, rehabilitation, education and research of birds of prey. I spent a day there photographing a few of the birds that they have. My aim was to. The Raven, Raven Art, Beautiful Birds, Animals Beautiful, Nicolas Vanier, Yennefer Of Vengerberg, The Ancient Magus, Crow Art, Creation Art

I love the detail of the feathers on this bird, it creates a lovely texture and gives it good tone. I like the way the artist has made the bird look very realistic alongside the piece of wood that it is standing on.

ancientdelirium:(via Raven Posing On A Rock by Sergey Ryzhkov) Raven Bird, Crow Bird, Quoth The Raven, Crow Or Raven, Corvo Tattoo, Dark Wings, Jackdaw, Crows Ravens, Australian Birds

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ancientdelirium: “(via Raven Posing On A Rock by Sergey Ryzhkov) ”

The cat looks like he is claiming the Borzoi as his. /The Borzoi Who Befriended A Handsome Cat . This silver sable Borzoi is pals with a Russian Blue cat, however sometimes keeping Borzoi and cats in the same household can be tricky Big Black Dog Breeds, Black Dogs, Beautiful Dogs, Animals Beautiful, Borzoi Dog, Whippets, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Animals And Pets

Perhaps its because I am not Russian but even body language isn't translating what's up between this Borzoi and Russian Blue!

A black borzoi. Most Beautiful Dogs, Animals Beautiful, Borzoi Dog, Whippets, Animals And Pets, Cute Animals, Russian Wolfhound, Different Dogs, Wild Dogs

Ow. Nikola Dvořáková /CZ/ CH. SAMIRA Majove Bohemia /3,5y/ /CH. Altai vom Tännichtgrund x Ch. Era Majove Bohemia/ JCH. WASABI Majove Bohemia /18mo/ /CH. Sadko Majove Bohemia x CH. Marisa Majove Bohemia iz Belaja Svora/