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A Definitive Ranking Of Every "Goosebumps" Cover By Creepiness! MY CHILDHOOD! I'm pissed that night of the living dummy isn't 90s Kids, The Life, Real Life, The Book, Childhood Memories, Childrens Books, Growing Up, Creepy, My Books

R. L. Stine’s Twitter Story

In October of 2012 R. L. Stine the author of the wildly popular children’s horror stories series--Goosebumps--gave his followers on Twitter an extra treat. On the 31st he sent 13 entertaining tweets one after another between 12:49 PM and 1:02 PM. In these tweets he managed to share a complete jump story. The way he separated this story out turns some parts of his tale into cliffhangers. However, to make this story easier to read I have kept the endings of each sentence together. Here are his…

'Keeping a light burning'.this means so many different things through one's journey of life: a new love, a faded love, a lost love, guiding a lost soul home, and most of all 'Hope'. Candle In The Dark, Candle In The Wind, Light In The Dark, Chandeliers, Let Your Light Shine, Light Of The World, Candle Lanterns, Big Candles, Burning Candle

Charms Used to Ward off Ghosts

As long as people have believed in ghosts, there have been countless “charms” described in the US, Great Britain, and Northern Europe that will keep spirits away from humans. * Of course all of these are based in Old Wives’ Tales, folklore and superstitions. I decided to write about them here because they are really fascinating and one has to wonder how people came to these conclusions. For instant, did you know? That a cock crowing in the morning is a charm against ghosts because at…

Scary Stories book series by Alvin Schwartz. I loved those books! Stephen Gammell is the illustrator for them. His artwork is what made those books so very creepy, if you ask me! Scary Stories Book, Telling Stories, Ghost Stories, True Stories, Alvin Schwartz, Dark Books, Children's Books, Fiction Books, Free Books

Bloody Fingers

One of my favorites ghost stories, "The Ghost with the Bloody Fingers," is one that I shared with students of all ages over the years. This story is more fun than scary. Despite the title the story is not gory. My students always loved it. I never used it as a read aloud since it is short enough to just tell. It is not a jump story but it does have a surprise ending. Stephen Gammell Illustrated Schwartz's Books I first heard it as a young girl scout and then years later I read a version of…

One of my all time favorite books and record set is entitled "The Haunted House and other Spooky Poems and Tales." I have spent hours reading the stories and poems in the book, When I really wanted to scare myself, I would listen to the vinyl record. Ghost Stories For Children, Tales For Children, Halloween Stories, Halloween Books, Vintage Halloween, Halloween Ideas, Book Club Books, The Book, My Books

The Haunted House and Other Spooky Poems and Tales

This Scholastic book, The Haunted House and Other Spooky Poems and Tales, published in 1970, includes 80 pages of pure delight for the young and not so young reader. It has some of the best poems written about death and ghosts, I have ever read. They all are very creative, plus many of them are scary, which makes it even more fun. This book is excellent entertainment for the whole family. It is no longer published, so some copies in good condition are going for a high price. I think this is…

Seeks Ghosts: New Mexico Legend: La Llorona Ghost Stories For Children, Alfredo Garcia, Restless Soul, Billy The Kids, Wet And Wild, New Mexican, Ghost Hunting, Child Day, Haunted Places

New Mexico Legend: La Llorona

Old Spanish song about La Llorona Don’t go down to the river, child, Don’t go there alone For the sobbing woman, wet and wild, Might claim you for her own She weeps when the sun is murky red She wails when the moon is old She cries for her babies, still and dead, Who drowned in the water cold She seeks her children day and night, Wandering, lost, and cold She weeps and moans in dark and light, A tortured, restless soul Don’t go down to the river, child, Don’t go there alone For the sobbing…

All Creatures Great and Small: James Herriot: One of the best books of all times. If you love Animals, then this is the book that will steal your heart. James Herriot, I Love Books, Great Books, Books To Read, My Books, This Book, Love Reading, Reading Lists, Book Lists

Can Animals Return as Ghosts?

“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans. You’ve nothing to worry about there.” Alf Wright aka James Herriot The above quote is a response given by the late British author, and veterinarian James Herriot, when he addressed the question of whether or not animals have souls, and could experience an afterlife. His response was received with appreciation from people all over the world. Herriot was one of the first…

Seeks Ghosts: Family Ghost Story: The Canterville Ghost Ghost Stories For Children, Ghost Hunting, Hunting Tips, The Canterville Ghost, Haunted Places, Pictures, Ghosts, Pdf, Twins

Family Ghost Story: The Canterville Ghost

The perfect family holiday ghost story is The Canterville Ghost a short story written by the Irish writer and poet Oscar Wilde. This story was first published in 1887. The Canterville Ghost is unique in many ways. Wilde wrote his story from the ghosts’ perspective, which is unlike most ghost stories that are told from the point of view of the people being haunted. Wilde also manages to mix the macabre with comedy delightfully. Wilde uses two cultures, the American and British and pits them…

More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - Collected From Folklore and Retold (Scary Stories): Alvin Schwartz, Stephen Gammell: Scary Stories To Tell, Telling Stories, Ghost Stories, Spooky Stories, Books To Buy, Used Books, Books To Read, My Books, Alvin Schwartz

Cricket Heaven or The Bad News

Alvin Schwartz’s books have been very popular since they were first published in the 1980s. His stories are based on classic folktales, legends, and myths that have been around for generations. Many of them focus on ghosts. In the second book in his trilogy entitled, More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark he shares a story entitled “The Bad News”. There is a recording of this story at the bottom of this post. Schwartz’s “The Bad News” is a humorous story that is based upon a ghost folktale…

Image of Atka, an Artic Wolf at the Wolf Conservation Center Wolf Love, Arktischer Wolf, Wolf Husky, Wolf Eyes, Gray Wolf, Wolf Pup, Wolf Black, Wolf Images, Wolf Photos

The Legend of White Wolf

This ghost story was first passed from frontier wagon train to wagon train in the 1860s. Oral storytellers often tell this story today. A long wagon train rolled into Texas 150 years ago on a hot August day. The train followed the trail blazed by the army just a few short years before. As they crossed into Texas, these pioneers saw their first rattlesnake and promptly shot it. The second day they encountered a band of peaceful Delaware Indians. Once they reached the Brazos River, they…

Seeks Ghosts: Traditional Beliefs: How to Prevent a Ghost Ghost Stories For Children, Ghost Hunting, Folklore, Ghosts, Scary, Lion Sculpture, Statue, Traditional, Sculpture

Traditional Beliefs: How to Prevent a Haunting

The fear of a decreased person returning as a ghost was at one time in history so real that many cultures put specific practices and traditions in place to try and prevent hauntings. These traditions included everything from preparing the deceased for burial, the funeral, the burial itself and even what should be done afterwards. Many of these traditions have lost their original meanings but are still practiced today. For instance… The tradition of shutting a deceased person’s eyes was an…

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Campfire Story: Vinder Viper

Is it a snake? I don’t think so… Years ago a man inherited a house from his uncle when he died. He packed up and moved to the large home that sat on a hill outside the town where he was raised. He settled in and set out to meet his new neighbors. Everyone he met looked concerned when he mentioned he lived in the mansion on the hill. Curious, he finally asked one woman, “Why are you surprised I live in my Uncle’s home?” She shook her head and told him, “That place is haunted, everyone knows…

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Classic Halloween Game for Children

Ghost in the Graveyard Game Rules This game is played with kids from around the neighborhood. Or it can be done with invited friends as long as they hide in the hosts’ yard or an area they are familiar with. This game is traditionally played after dark but with younger children it can be played during the day. Three or more players are needed but the more the merrier. A home base should be designated as a safe spot. Boundaries for the game should be picked, such as, only host’s yard or…

Imagine watching through the window the spectacle of dark rain-laden monsoon clouds playing hide and seek with the full moon on a windy night ! Ghost Stories For Children, Ghost Hunting, Hunting Tips, Campfire Stories, Cowboy Party, Night Time, Moonlight, Fine Art America, Scary

Campfire Story: Creak

This is a good one to tell to children--it is simple but it elicits quite a response. Creak, what was that? It is a faint sound, in the distance-- but I hear it. Crack, was that something snapping? Or is someone trampling about? I am in my room reading. It is quiet where I sit except for the fire burning. I hear a creak--it is just the old house settling? I am letting my imagination get the best of me. I hear another Crack-- perhaps it is just a small animal outside my window. Whoosh… was…

Old Farm House - kinda sad thinking that at one time it was proabably somebody's "Dream" home. places where has on the things people abandoned. Abandoned Farm Houses, Old Farm Houses, Abandoned Mansions, Haunted Houses, Old Buildings, Abandoned Buildings, Abandoned Places, Campfire Stories, Victorian Farmhouse

Campfire Story: The Wrong Choice

This ghost story is always presented as a” first person” account. It holds the reader in suspense and has a scary surprise ending. 24 years have past but what happened to me when I was 6 years old still haunts me. My parents where killed in a car accident when I was two and I was given into the custody of my strict maternal grandmother. She lived in an old farmhouse in the middle of a neglected field. The house from the outside looked as if it were abandoned. It was the summer that I turned…

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Irish Headless Horseman: The Dullahan

A friend of my family told me this story when I was a pre-teen, thinking back I was probably too young to hear it—for I had several vivid nightmares afterward. He asked me what picture I got in my mind when I thought of fairies. I think I told him “Tinker Bell” or Cinderella’s “Fairy Godmother.” He told me, “Well this story is about a fairy but not that kind.” I remember this grabbed my attention. This is the story he told me: In Ireland, hundreds of years ago, there was a king by the name…

Seeks Ghosts: From Time to Time Ghost Stories For Children, Ghost Hunting, Haunted Places, Folklore, Scary, Ouija, Couple Photos, Ghosts, Sisters

From Time to Time

From Time to Time is the title of a 2009 British film based upon Lucy M. Boston’s 1958 children’s classic novel “The Chimneys of Green Knowe.” Julian Fellowes, the creator and one of the writers of Downton Abbey adapted Boston’s story for the screen. He also directed this film. From Time to Time is a fun and thoughtful ghost story for the entire family. It stars Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, Alex Etel, and Timothy Spall. Through word of mouth it has become a Sleeper hit and is well worth…