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we learnt how not to say horrible things about lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans. and if we did say horrible things about them because they take it the wrong way

Links to EVERY Classic Doctor Who episode! YAYYY!!!!! :D

Many fans of both the current, and the Classic Doctor Who, are of the opinion that it doesn’t matter when you first started watching—you just need to hold on for the ride!

In that moment,i would do anything to make him smile

Ten No words, no context, and this still gives me emotions. That's how brilliant David Tennant is.

(Even though in the original series, he was sometimes in the credits that way.) Sadly, my mom calls him "Doctor Who" all the time.

The hair gel omg xD

Behind-the-scenes extra from Doctor Who Series 8 - "Kill the Moon" Peter's line about the hair gel is hilarious! Hahaha he's wearing David old spacesuit.

It's true. We learned from Amy, who waited 50 years (12 then 2 then 36) and Rory, who waited 1845.

How does the Doctor Who fandom remain sane during hiatus? We're timelords. Time is not the boss of us. And we learned from Amy, who waited 50 years then 2 then and Rory, who waited


HELP MOFFAT FIND THE THING!<<< don't worry guys, he'll come upon it one day<<this would be awesome and super sweet but it would be kind of like "Vincent and the Doctor"

Thank you Eleven :)

Everyone needs to remember this. Not only this message, but that someone out here in this world LOVES you!