Dark Kitchens Ideas

Black and dark tones are redefining cooking spaces thanks to their sophisticated look. Here a selection of our favorites.
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a kitchen with marble counter tops and black ovens, gold trimming on the hood
Black kitchen inspo
OG Professional range and hood, set against the dramatic backsplash of marbled elegance, and characterized by dark tones and bright burnished brass finishes, is the protagonist of this beautiful kitchen design.
an open kitchen with stairs leading up to the upper floor and above it is a large window
Officine Gullo Showroom in Milan
✨ Welcome to Our Renovated Milan Showroom! ✨ Our redesigned showroom, crafted by Superspatial studio, seamlessly blends metallic and precious kitchen materials with chromatically neutral, handcrafted stone. The ceiling reflects a gallery space, with every detail—from lighting to color placement—designed to accentuate the unique features of the works on display. This showroom creates an immersive environment where architecture narrates the artisanal mastery that defines Officine Gullo. #OfficineGullo #ArchitecturalDetails #ShowroomDesign #GallerySpace #BespokeKitchen #DesignDetails Photo: Delfino Sisto Legnani @delfino_sl - @dsl__studio
a kitchen with marble counter tops and black ovens, gold trimming on the hood
Officine Gullo Black and Brass kitchen
Step into Bluebell showroom and experience Officine Gullo's craftsmanship. Our OG Professional range and hood, set against the dramatic backsplash of marbled elegance, and characterized by dark tones and bright burnished brass finishes, is the protagonist of this beautiful kitchen design. Ph. @varneyphoto #OfficineGullo #KitchenMasterpiece #TimelessDesign #LuxuryKitchen #ProfessionalKitchen
a stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen next to a wall mounted oven hood
Dark and elegant cooking range
Enhanced by the elegant and refined backsplash, this professional cooking range is inserted in a kitchen with a minimalist style, and fits perfectly in this warm atmosphere created by the combination of the elegant Bronze Amani marble, the wooden floor, and the antique metal finishing.
a large kitchen with an island in the middle and two ovens on each side
Dark kitchen island with Shine Black Stone marble.
A fully equipped, functional, complete, high-quality, and elegant kitchen island. This island shines in the middle of the room like a precious diamond on a ring. Cooking has never been so pleasant.
Dark kitchen island project
Big kitchens are always the tougher. In a wide space, it’s important that every little area and corner looks neat and well-defined. Nothing is more pleasant than stepping back and looking at them as a whole but it's always special when you find beautiful little vignettes to live and enjoy separately.
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Dark Kitchen Range & Hood
Dark kitchens are cozy and elegant at the same time, just like this fabulous kitchen design by interior designer Shalini Misra. We love how Shalini created a perfect balance between the dark color of the kitchen and the white of the floor and the cabinets, considering the floor as a surface that is there to assist in bouncing more light in and around the space.
a stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen next to white cabinets and counter tops
Blue Fiorentina Kitchen
It’s always fun and challenging to take part in kitchen renovations. The kitchen is the heart of the house and it’s very important to maintain that when renovating. The project is a tailored study, like tailored clothing, which perfectly fits the wearer, just like this gorgeous kitchen.
an oven built into the side of a wall
Restart Collection's cooking area
It's hard to go wrong with any of the Restart Collection appliances, unique and functional design objects capable to be integrated into any kitchen design. In this beautiful cooking area the burnished brass and the Violet Blue stainless steel blend harmoniously with the natural stone and the wood of the cabinets.
an empty wine cellar in the middle of a room with white cabinets and wood floors
Blue coloured fridge with wine cellar
Some of the pleasures in life are eating good food and drinking good wine. But how to preserve them? The fridge is one of the most important elements in a kitchen and this dark blue color looks perfect on it. Welcoming the guests to the wine cellar has never been more comfortable than this.
How to Design a Kitchen
Many are the features to think about when designing your new kitchen. It’s important to spend as much time as you can in the empty room, take it slow and stop yourself from making any rash decisions. Find your starting point, your favorite part of the room, it may be a window or the floor or a doorway with a view into the rest of your home, and go from there. Functionality is key, atmosphere is style and for us, beauty is always the ultimate goal.
Industrial look kitchen | Jet Black steel, dark burnished brass, marble and natural polished oak
We are in New York City, in a wonderful vintage apartment in the luxury Upper East Side district, overlooking Central Park. New York designer Julie Hillman Design, in collaboration with Peter Pennoyer Architects, designed a kitchen with professional performances that was perfectly integrated with the home's eclectic furnishing full of precious vintage details.
Black professional cooking range Black Steel Kitchen, Steel Kitchen Design, Professional Stove, Integrated Kitchen
Black steel kitchen design | Home professional cooking
In this eclectic Officine Gullo kitchen the cooking area plays a prominent role, and the OG Professional stove is the protagonist. It is a professional high-tech cooking unit extremely functional and extremely versatile, offering multiple cooking methods thanks to its large dimensions that allow the preparation of dishes even for several guests. The two ovens available, one static and one ventilated, allow simultaneous cooking, while the hob is equipped with maxi burners and a ribbed frytop.
Kitchen appliances wall luxury design Kitchen Appliances Layout, Luxury Kitchen Appliances, Metal Kitchen Cabinets, Elegant Kitchen Design, Midnight In Paris, Wooden Containers, Kitchen Appliances Luxury, Contemporary Kitchens
Luxury kitchen appliances wall
Never underestimate the importance of a good kitchen appliance layout. When it comes to our Contemporanea Collection one of our favourite solutions is definitely the kitchen appliances wall. Nothing is more functional and beautiful than incorporating everything from a fridge freezer to a wine cooler, oven, grill, microwave, coffee machine, steam oven, and warmer drawer on the same wall of your kitchen.
Dark modern kitchen Grey Kitchen Aesthetic, Contemporary Luxury Kitchen, Gray Kitchen Ideas, Metallic Kitchen, Kitchens Contemporary
Contemporary Luxury Kitchen Design
In an exclusive apartment, in the heart of Paris, Officine Gullo installed a Contemporanea Collection project: a modern and elegant kitchen design in which artisan traditions are explored through original designs, which conceal a simple aesthetic alongside advanced techniques and functionality. #officinegullo#contemporarykitchens#luxurykitchenforniture#luxurykitchen#contemporaneacollection#customcabinetry