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the logo design for an upcoming fashion brand is shown in pink and black, along with other logos
the logo for a women's clothing store, butik sorella's
the logo for butti's sorella's is shown on a wooden surface
a rubber stamp with the letter e on it and a wax seal next to it
the logo for standard bar and restaurant, with different types of logos on it's side
the sign on the wall says standart bar and has a wooden guitar hanging from it
a close up of a business card on a white surface with the word capital printed on it
Gün Otel Kastamonu Logo Tasarımı 3
there is a wooden box with a shark on it
Gün Otel Kastamonu Logo Tasarımı 2
a hotel sign on the side of a building with wood grained panels and gold lettering
Gün Otel Kastamonu Logo Tasarımı