Arabic calligraphy meaning "Love"  I want it on my wrist.

Cross Tattoos For Guys - Originals Hard To Find Today

Discover thousands of images about "Love" written in Arabic. It's a beautiful symbol; I'd want to look into the cultural views on tattooing though (just to be informed).

Arabic calligraphy: “Alhamdulillah” ” “All praise is due to Allah alone”

A Sino-Arabic calligraphic panel by Yusuf Chen Jinhui, date unknown. This panel features the Arabic text al-hamdu li& (praise be to God) in Sino-Arabic brushpaint (zhong-kai style), with the Chinese translation and the artists& name and seal on the left.

© Nuria Garcia Masip - Levha - Ayet-i Kerîme “Nûn, ve’l-kalemi ve mâ yesturûn” Nûn. And olsun kaleme ve satır satır yazdıklarına ki… (Kalem Sûresi 1-2.ayetler)

'Nun, By the Pen and by that which (men) write.' - Surah Al-Qalam, Quran Calligraphy by Nuria Garcia Masip, Jeli Thuluth script. Black soot ink and gold on paper.


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© Muhammed Yaman - Levha - Ayet-i Kerime “Allah, diriyi ölüden çıkarır, ölüyü de diriden çıkarır… (Rum Sûresi, 19.ayetten)”

Hat Eserleri / Celî Sülüs / Muhammed Yaman / Levha - Ayet-i Kerime H.